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Silver Level Intro Home Cleaning Package

Office Mopping

A la Cart Add On Services

Bathroom Cleaner

Gold All Inclusive Home CLeaning Package

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40 Point Checklist

The intro package our company offers has a 40 Point Checklist of inspection for each cleaning at your home.  Our staff throughout the cleaning will tackle each point of emphasis.  At every cleaning you will receive the same 40 Point Checklist for your own review to confirm your house was cleaned, Corner to Corner!

The staff are trained to cover additional areas of the house and points of emphasis.  If you would like anything added or cleaned a certain way please let us know and we will make sure your house is cleaned to your liking!

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Our Intro Package is other companies "Top Tier Package"

Every room covered and more!  Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Game Rooms, Common Areas all included in the Intro Package

Don't let someone else cut corners cleaning your home.  With our introductory package HAVE YOUR HOME CLEANED CORNER TO CORNER!

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What would take you all day, we can clean in just an hour or two

Enjoy your free time, don't spend it sweating and hurting your back, knees and feet cleaning.  Let us send our team of experts to clean your house in a fraction of the time it takes you.  We send a whole, professionally trained cleaning team to you.  This way we maximize effectiveness and efficiency.  We make sure your house is actually cleaned CORNER TO CORNER and as quick as efficiently possible so you can have your weekends and free time back for yourself and not be stuck spending the whole day cleaning.

Cleaning the Floor

Our Intro Package isn't just the basics cleaned, its

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Cleaning a Filter

We offer over 10+ Additional Services

Ranging from cleaning inside the oven and fridge, or emptying the dishwasher, or bookcases and shelves with figurines or even patio/porch sweeping and glass door cleaning.  If you're looking for an even more in depth thorough cleaning, we have you covered!

Cleaning the Windows

A la cart Pricing

Don't want every service and option? That's fine! Pay only for what you want and need.

Only need the additional service for a one time special cleaning or every so often? No problem! Add or remove additional services for any of your cleanings whenever you want.

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Additional Rooms Cleaned

-Does your home office look like a tornado hit it? Lets get you organized!
-Is your Garage or Shed a mess? We can clean and organize it! 
-Need your outdoor grill or firepit cleaned up for summer BBQs? We can do that for you!! 
-Have a pool house or backyard bar? We can fix that up for you too!!!

Part of why we're named Corner to Corner is because we care about cleaning your WHOLE HOME.  We go beyond the basics of what everyone else is cleaning

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Scrubbing the Sink

Silver Level + All Add-On Services

Get the full 40 Point Checklist plus the additional 10 in depth services all included!

Highest level of cleaning, Best Bang For Your Buck!


Reduced Rate Savings!

Get 10 additional services for the price of just 4! That's over a 50% savings!

Save over $150 off each and every one of your Home Cleanings!

Children in Playground

What would take you all weekend, we can do in a quarter of the day

Our All Inclusive Package will make sure you never have to worry about your home being clean again!  Don't spend your time off from work cleaning and working more! Give yourself peace of mind to go have fun because your house is cleaned CORNER TO CORNER!!!

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Cleaning the Desk

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