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A la Carte Add-On Services

We offer additional in depth cleaning options beyond the basics


In depth and Inside

-Inside The Fridge
-Inside The Oven
-Inside Kitchen Cabinets
-Inside Any Additional Appliances
We Go Where Other Companies Won't Go!

In Between The Corners

-Emptying Dishwasher*
-Window Sills & Tracks
-Underneath Large Furniture**
-Glassdoor Cleaning***

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Areas Of Clutter

-Figurine & Knick Knacks
-Home Office
-Pictures That Need Dusting

Additional Rooms


-Pool House


-Storage Area

-Trailer/RV Interior

-Guest House/Cottage

-Game/Movie Rooms

-Home Gym


The Great Outdoors

-Patio/Porch Cleaning

-Outdoor Grill/Cooking Area

-Outdoor Bar Area

-Backyard Furniture

Can’t find the service you were looking for? Let us know.
*Dish Cleaning Maximum is 1 Load Per Appointment.
**Furniture Must Be On Floor Safe Sliders And Within A Reasonable Weight Range. 
***Charged on a 2 door basis

A la Carte Add-On Servces: Services
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