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Corner to Corner Cleaning Checklist

Our Unique Custom Designed Company Checklist Offers More Than Any Other Companies' Intro Level Package!  We Took the Industry Standard and RAISED IT!

Our Minimum Checklists, Are Other Companies' Maximums!! Let Us Keep YOU CLEAN!!!

Cleaning Mirror

Every Room

1. Sweep
2. Swiffer
3. Vacuum...  Floors and Stairs
4. Wipe Air Ducts/Vents
5. Garbage cans/bags emptied
6. Ceiling fan Dusting*
7. Window Blinds
8. Curtains & Shades
9. Dusting Ceiling Corners where cobwebs are prone
10. Wipe TVs
11. Radiators/Baseboards
12. Door Knobs
13. Handles
14. Light Switches, frequent points of contact

making the bed.jpg


15. Changing Bed Linens **
16. Underneath Beds
17. Dresser Top Cleaned
18. Desk & Nightstand Table Dusting 
19. Crib Wipe Down
20. Infant Changing Table Cleaning
21. Nursery Room

deep cleaning.jpeg


22. Shower
23. Tub
24. Toilet
25. Towel Bar
26. Sink
27. Mirror
28. Vanity
29. Floor tile
30. Shower Tile

Clean Kitchen


31. Countertops
32. Tabletops
33. Coffee Pot/Tea Kettle
34. Cabinets ***
35. Fridge ***
36. Oven ***
37. Microwave ***


Living Room/Common Areas

38. Underneath chairs, couches, tables, entertainment centers, rugs ***
39. Wipe/Dust Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo gaming setups
40. Straighten up/Pickup of Living room/Toys****


All 40 Checklist Points Are Included In The Intro Minimum Price!

Why Pay More For Less With Other Companies? With Corner to Corner, Know exactly what you're getting, before you get it!  That's The Corner to Corner Motto

deep cleaning 2.jpeg

Our Minimum Checklist here, is other companies' "Top Level Cleaning Package"

We Don't Cut Corners, We Clean Corner to Corner!! Every Corner!!!!

Carrying Cleaning Supplies


* within reach with 2 step ladder
** please leave desired new bed linens out for cleaner
*** exteriors only, inside in depth is an A La Carte options
**** furniture is limited to immediate reach.  If you would like items moved and the complete underneath floor cleaned that would be an A La Carte option
***** not organized but they will be put into a designated pile or bin together

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